I was inspired to write this book because I have always been fascinated by the miracle of the process of birth, the beginning of new life and the importance of the best possible care as well as a positive outcome for mother, baby, father and siblings.
There are many misconceptions of birth and negative messages in media, films, television etc, sensationalising and dramatising birth, which is causing a fear among young women and girls.
My book attempts to show birth as nature intended. Knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy, how to prepare and encourage the optimal foetal position in the womb during the last weeks, to give the best possible chance of a natural birth, with the stages and process of giving birth explained.
Knowledge is power and understanding all that is happening to her body during pregnancy and the birthing process empowers the woman to be in control and relax as much as possible.
I have not overlooked the fact that sometimes nature needs some help, so the book explains and helps the reader to understand various medical procedures if this happens.
My antenatal classes have been going for about ten years and I started converting the course into a book and researching to ensure that all the information is evidenced based.
I am constantly refreshing my knowledge to keep myself up to date with changes, advances and knowledge in obstetrics and paediatrics.


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The Survival Guide for New Parents

The knowledge contained in this book will give every new parent the confidence and ability to enjoy the early days and weeks with your newborn, and explains how to give appropriate care to your baby or babies. This book is unique in that there are chapters on Breastfeeding, Formula feeding, Twins, Siblings and Pets, not normally found in a book of this nature.
The book is suitable reading for the general reader or academic, as all the information is evidence based and informative for the academic, but it is also in an easy to read format for the general reader. It is an invaluable source of reference and knowledge for parents, grandparents and carers, and could be used as a text book for students of nursing, nursery nursing, or any person working with the newborn baby.By understanding the baby's needs and giving the love and attention in the early days and weeks, the baby will feel secure and become very contented, making life much easier for the parents. Babies have needs that change daily and professionals don't always have time to spend with parents. this book reassuringly fills the gap. 
I have written the book from a midwife's knowledge and experience and a mother and grandmother's love and understanding of babies and children, and with the research and experience of many respected workers in the field.
This book is based upon my  many years of practice as a midwife and my own personal experience as a mother and
My 14 years as a post-natal midwife an maternity nurse, living with families on a 24 hours basis for weeks or several months has given me a deep understanding of the knowledge and information that parents need.
I have lived in the homes of 64 newborn babies and their parents, apart from over 30 years of my hospital and community involvement with newborns and their families.
in addition to my practical experience and knowledge, and the research, with some opinions from experts in the field, and guidelines and safety issues from the World Health Association, UNICEF, the National Childbirth Trust and Lullaby, 
(formerly the Foundation for Sudden Infant Death)

New Parents face many unknown challenges and surprises. they have many decisions to to make , and sometimes no idea which way to turn for good advice. Conflicting opinions about parenting abound and it is easy to become overloaded by information and misinformation.

This simple guide is designed to help parents when they need it. Logically laid out in easy to understand language, this book puts information at their fingertips. From, feeding to sleep and picking the best and worst accessories and equipment, all of the most frequently asked questions that parents have are contained here.

SIGNED COPY BY AUTHOR AVAILABLE BY REQUEST  for £9.99 including shipping.

There is an abundance of books and information in the media for parents awaiting the birth of their baby/babies and there is also much misinformation; sensationalising and dramatising the process of birth, and  this can be very confusing and even frightening. This book explains to the reader the natural process of birth and how the woman's body is designed to adapt in amazing ways, to culminate in the arrival of a new human being. It explains natural birth and how to understand Optimal Foetal Positioning of the baby to assist in the birth. Hypnobirthing is explained and the benefits of hypnosis.

Not forgetting that sometimes nature needs some help, the  help that is available when medical assistance is required  is explained, including the various forms of pain relief should it be required.


Lois Wattis 

Hello Maureen, I have read your PDF draft and I think it is going to be a very valuable resource. Well done! Your wisdom shines through, and I see we have been influenced by all the same leaders of birth practices, including Jean Sutton.

 Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about you, and from you! 

Kind regards, Lois

My name is Lois Wattis and I am registered with the Queensland Nursing & Midwifery Council as a Comprehensive Registered Nurse/Midwife (RN/RM). I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a member and Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives (FACM).   

 From: Karen Griffiths <>
Subject: Re: New book.

I very much enjoyed reading the book, I thought it was professional and knowledgeable and a very easy read for people with little or no medical background. I think it is a great resource full of excellent information that a lot of people will not know and find interesting and useful and hopefully find empowering. I still shudder to think the outcome had we not had your training before the birth of Ted, and that is with my 4 birth experience!!

I also think the paragraph on still births and what can be done was precious, I hope not many people will ever need it, but for those who do it was so good to know there is help in place.  

Huge hugs and love to all


From: Hannah Giffard

To: Maureen Gannon

Cc: Keith Tutt ; Luke Giffard

Subject: Re: The Survival Guide to Birth.docx Foreword.docx

Dear Maureen

I would be delighted to have this acknowledgement in your lovely book. You truely  were an angel at our birth and I would be only too happy to have our wonderful birth of Luke recaptured, so many years later.
Please go ahead and publish.

Good luck for your next publication!
Love and blessings

Dear Maureen,

Thanks so much for making contact with me, Hannah, Luke and Joe.

Your contribution to our lives at the time of the two boys' births was immeasurable. I remember our times together around their arrivals in the cottage so intensely and with such gratitude.

I'm so pleased that your book is now in its second edition and I'm delighted and honoured to be included as a mention in the foreword.
 I'll be getting copies and recommending it to anyone who's expecting.

Keith Tutt - Collected Works

Keith was born in 1959, the son of a fish shop owner and a dance teacher. He studied Philosophy and Psychology at Bristol University. Since 1982 Keith has worked mainly as a

scriptwriter, book author and documentary maker for television.

Amber Davidson

5.0 out of 5 starsFacts, not fear-mongering!

29 November 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

This book was bought for me upon the birth of my first child and I honestly would have been lost without it! It has saved me from many a panic attack, the internet just gives so many horror stories when you inevitably look up anything playing on your mind regarding your newborn whereas this book gives straight up factual information without the fear mongering! Would definitely recommend :)

5.0 out of 5 stars have to get this book.

9 August 2017

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

If your pregnant or a new mother, you have to get this book. I bought it for my niece who is having her second child .She said that life would have been so much easier if she had this book for her first one. its full of priceless advice and information. D.Phillips

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Amazon Customer 

5.0 out of 5 stars This is an excellent little book

3 November 2017

Format: Paperback

This is an excellent little book.Written with great attention to detail, it is essential reading for anyone involved in the care of babies.
G. Wakelin. SRN SCM [ Re't ]

3 November 2017

Format: Paperback

<img src=",0,1024,1024_SX48_.png">


5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

13 November 2017

Format: Paperback

Very good book to re-assure you through the first steps of parenthood.

Jean Button

September 17 at 11:22 AM

That's wonderful Maureen ,you were a wonderful midwife and nurse, you Helped to nurse my son back to health in Chepstow burns hospital, he was 14” and we were told he would not make it so thanks to you, doctors and many many prayers to God, he is still with us . So if parents need guidance yours is the book to read, God bless,xx



The Birthing Partnership Programme

Reference from Nicola and Paul Carpenter

To whom it may concern,
I used the birthing partnership for the birth of my daughter Megan. It is the only way I could imagine doing it now; it was such a wonderful experience. You cannot have one side of this without the other it was a perfect, natural partnership. Maureen taught me so much from how I should be looking after myself before the birth all the way to bathing Meg afterwards. I was able to put into action everything John taught me with the hypnobirthing because Maureen had given me so much information; I was so at ease knowing not only what was happening but why and how and what would happen next. I even had knowledge the best way to naturally help Meg on her way into the world. This paired with John teaching me all I needed to get myself into a wonderfully calm hypnotic state, which to this day I still use when I need too! It was such a calm wonderful, natural experience which now knowing everything I've learned I know really is the only way for me next time. It’s just a perfect combination and they are both so calm and great at answering any concerns you may have that you can’t go wrong. Meg was born in 5 and a half hours with only 15 minutes of "pushing" and it was the best day of my life, and most certainly thanks to Maureen and John the calmest, most wonderful experience ever. Helping me realise it’s nothing like the stories you hear with screaming and swearing at all. I am recommending the Birthing Partnership as the best way to help you with the birth of your little one.
Yours sincerely
Nicola Carpenter

To Whom It May Concern:

Reference Letter for Maureen Gannon

Maureen is a “one in a million” maternity nurse and by far the most experienced, kind and supportive person we could have ever hoped for to help us care for our darling baby girl, Lily, who was born 5 weeks early by emergency Caesarian. Maureen arrived with us when Lily was 1 week old (I had been in hospital for the first 5 days). We had specifically requested a Maternity nurse who had the rare qualities of also being a midwife and with pre-term experience. We soon discovered that we could not have been more fortunate in having Maureen help us.

We have never met anyone who seemed to understand babies so well. From the moment she walked into our home we all felt at ease and more relaxed. Maureen immediately fit in with our family. She was extremely warm and thoughtful

 Since Lily had arrived 5 weeks earlier than we expected it could have been a very stressful time as nothing was ready in the house and we had not expected that I would be recovering from a Caesarian. Instead, Maureen helped make it into one of the most special times in our lives

Maureen has a wealth of experience and in addition to her years working as a midwife has also held senior nursing positions in neo-natal units and intensive care.   Therefore, she could not be better equipped medically to look after babies and new mothers (particularly those who have had complicated births or Caesarians). In addition, she is a mother and grandmother and, therefore, instinctively understands and empathizes with mothers and babies’ needs on emotive levels too. She has also written books and several papers on the subject of caring for babies in their first months. She really deserves a category of her own as a maternity nurse. Although Maureen is highly knowledgeable and knows what will work best for babies she likes to include the parents in all decisions and is extremely respectful. 

  Thanks to Maureen’s gentle and dedicated approach Lily is a very content baby. Through her wisdom, sense of humour and kindness Maureen empowered me as a mother and helped me truly understand and enjoy motherhood in a deeper and more confident way, for which I am extremely grateful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully